Saturday, July 10, 2010


Theories vary as to the purpose of Sacsaywaman.  Some say it was a huge fortress built by the Inca on top of the mountain above Cuzco, so serve as a refuge should the city be attacked.  Others say the zig zag design shows that this is the Temple of Lightening.
The stone directly to my right (your left) is estimated to weight 150 ton!  How did the Inca move this and other massive stones?  How did they carve them so precisely that the stones fit together with such precision?

The three layers of walls that form Sacsaywaman.

Masive walls .... the theory is that the walls were probably another 3 meters higher than they are now.

I´m little compared to these stones!

Okay, okay.... I´m no Samson!

I´ll huff and I´ll puff and I´ll blow your house down!  Yeah right....

I´m there.... way back by the rocks.

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