Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Catholic Church in Paucartambo

The Catholic Church of Paucartambo with crowds forming in the plaza.

Many of the groups that performed in the plaza in front of the Church, brought with them a miniture version of the Virgin of Carmen that lead the procession into the Church.

Upon entering the Catholic Church, to the left was an area where people could light candles and pray.

The walls of the Catholic Church were filled with statues of Jesusm Mary or Saints.

The Virgin Mary
View of the alter in the Catholic Church at Paucartambo, with the figure of the Virgin of Carmen on the left with red cloth background.

Closer view of the alter in the Paucartambo Catholic Church.  The alter is carved cedar wood, covered with 24 and 18 caret gold.  The oilpaintings are some 500 or more years old.

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