Friday, July 16, 2010

Masks and more for the Virgin of Carmen

The first day of the four day celebration of the Virgin of Carmen.... group after group after group performed in front of the church.... for hours!

Once their performance was finished in the plaza, the groups would move into the church where they would perform again... this time for the Virgin of Carmen.

Little boy, dressed for the day, watches as a group performs in the plaza.

Even as all the dansers moved in and out of the church on a regular basis, individuals and families spent time in the Church ..... also adoring the Virgin of Carmen.  Many brought fresh flowers to place in front of theVirgin.

A few performers arrived on horseback.

Clear the way! 

One of the largest and oldest danse groups is dedicated to the Africans who were brought to Peru. La Casa del los Negritos has a long colorful history of dansing at the annual celebration for the Virgin of Carmen.

The group of dansers keeps alive the customs, dress and danse of the Africans who lived along the coast of Peru.

An element of this danse is to remind everyone, of the slavery that existed in Peru at one time.

Group leaves the church.

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