Monday, July 12, 2010

Pre Inca military center of Pilillacta

Pikillacta was a very large military post, with some 3000 inhabitants.  Security was paramount for the Wari solders who lived here, so the entrance gate was made very samll.

It is believed these stone walls were another 6 to 7 feet taller than they are now.

To move from a main street to quarters inside this facility, the path takes on a labyrinth type approach .... no direct route, rather one had to go one direction, then back trak on another path.... all for the security of this facility and its inhabitants.

These basement living quarters for the solders, were also part of the facilities security measure.  Two men probably lived in each section.  By these living quarters being underground, should the facility ever be attacked, the underground provided more safety.

The Great Wall of Pikillacta! As archeologists suggest, 6 or more feet could be added to the height of the wall, and would indeed be a rival (or sorts) to The Great Wall of China!

Okay... maybe the comparision with The Great Wall of China is a stretch..... but use your imagination!

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