Sunday, November 13, 2011

Happy Loi Krathong!

People gathered by the river in Surat Thani on the night of the full moon.... 10 November 2011, to place in the water, a small lotus shaped boat made out of banana leaves... adorned with a candle, incense, flowers and maybe even a coin.  Before sending the boat out into the river, prayers were offered and wishes were made.

It is believed the festival began as a way of showing respect of the water gods. 

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Eye see you.....

Haven't seen you in a while. 
Where have you been?

Where is My "Great American Novel...?" It's not forthcoming and that's maddening!

What's happening to me.....? I think I've turned into some kind of monster! I've never seen this in me before. 
All I want to do is write........ The Great American Novel..... well if not the greatest novel......, at least a short little whimsical poem!  But no luck!  Writer's block has become an out of control monster!

Listen Dude...and hold your horses with all that monster crap! ............... are retired!  Remember?

You don't have to DO anything! 

When you retired in May 2010,  you were handed the golden opportunity to become a human being rather than a human doing.

Stop, relax and allow yourself to just....... be.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Oh my.... have I lost my touch?

I don't get it....

The ideas are just not flowing....

Since leaving the Maldives Islands...

I've had an extremely serious case of.........

 Blogger's block!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A touch of nostalgia.....

This is one of the last pictures I took, while on Iru Fishu.... my paradise island for a few days!

Looking at this photo... it almost seems as though it could be an oil painting from the 1940s.  I'm thinking.... Santa Monica beach.... California...

It's the Maldives..... the beach front lounge at the Hilton Resort and Spa.... Oh.... what a paradise on earth!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Maldives.... the WOW factor











Wow - Wow - Wow

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Morning breakfast before returning to Holhudhoo

Chicken curry, bacon, hard boiled egg, cheese, cereal, mango juice,... and that dark heavy bread!  Coffee too!


Looks like the monster from the blue lagoon....

What do I want to do today?

How about a nice walk along the beach?

Go for a swim?

How about snorkeling?


Coffee on the beach.

Night views .... the island changes!

The jetty ... at night.... during the day, all one sees is the blue Indian Ocean... at night... the view changes dramatically!

Roots, roots, roots.....

A little palm tree takes on such color at night.

These roots take on a prehistoric monster type quality at night!

Where am I going?

Views of the Hilton Resort and Spa

These chairs in one of the waterfront bars look like an art form.

Little coffee bar.... great strong coffee!

That $11,500 blue 4.1caret saphire with nearly 2 caret of diamonds around it, looked very nice on my finger.

Hmmmmm... does thisring look like it needs to be on my finger....?  To the tune of $11,500.00?

Maybe tomorrow.....

Message of love carved on a coconut...

Waterfront bar..... and lounge...

The main restaurant on the island...

Even the shopping on Iru Fishu is blue!

Sit, maybe have a coffee and window shop.

So much one can buy!
I see the blue window... where's the door so I can go in and do some shopping?

That shop is calling my name....

The red illuminated art piece would look great in my house.

Or the dolphin jumping over the silver shell would go nicely on my coffee table.

Do I still have a coffee table?

Another dolphin..... for .... where in my house?

Glass turtles could fit anywhere in my house...

This lobster is a must!  Where's my credit card?

My place in the sun....

My place in the sun on the beach of Iru Fishu Island in the Maldives.... forever mine in my mind.

White sands

Nice to just relax in the early morning and watch the world come alive...

How clever!  What a nice added touch to my villa... a bowl of water to rinse the sand off my feet, and a towel to dry them, before I enter my villa....

5K per night villa.... invite the whole family, your neighbors, your friends

This beach front villa on Iru Fishu goes for a mere $5,000 per night.  Ten people... that's only $500 per person.  20 people comes to $250...... I'll let you continue the math!

Wonder what amenities come with the villa? 

Maybe one day I'll take the giant financial leap and find out!!!!!  When I do.... you all are invited!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

First cup of coffee....

Hmmmmm good.... my first cup of coffee as the sun rises on the Iru Fishu Island beach...