Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Puma Temple

On the mountain top above Cuzco, is what remains of the Puma Temple.  Above is a stone, or what is left following the destruction by the Spanish, of the Puma.

The wall around the Puma Temple, is filled with nitches where mummies were kept.  Mummies were viewed as dieties.

The entrance to the Puma Temple.
Should the Inca King die, the people believed human sacrifices were needed.

This is the alter, deep inside the mountain of the Puma Temple, where the human sacrifices were made.  Only nobility was sacrificed, no common people.  As many as 200 people were sacrificed at a time, should the King die, should there be a major earthquake, or some other  major event.

I am very happy that I´m just a common folk...... and that I did not live in the Inca time....

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