Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Amazing Inca Circles at Moray

Located in the Sacred Valley, near the town of Moray, these circles when viewed from a distance, appear to be a giant ampatheatre.  More than 600 years old, the stones the Inca laid so long ago, still hold their shape and a bit of mystery too.

The design and the layout of these mysterious circles, as viewed from above, is truly amazing.  Based on research, archeologists now believe the Inca built this as a giant greenhouse.  One water canal, bringing water from the mountains, served to irrigate each level of the greenhouse.

In the center of this picture is the single water canal used to irrigate each of the separate terraces. The stone staircases on the right and left provided access to the terraces.

At a closer look, one can see the circles form a multi-leveled terrace, wherein each terrace has its own unique temperature for growing and adapting plant species from all over the 2500 mile area that once encompaced the Inca empire.   Think of the design work that went into the planning of this massive structure!  How the single source irrigation channel flowed down to each and every terrace, proving the water needed to grow the various plants.

Stones steps allowed the Inca workers to move up and down along the terraces.  Digs at the site have show that the Inca knew how to provide the ideal growing conditions for plants.  At the bottom of each terrace is a layer of stones, then a layer of gravel, followed by a layer of sand, and finally the fertile humous soli plants needed to grow.  Further archeological research has shown the Inca genetically altered plants, thus developing mutiple strains or corn, beans, potatoes, etc.

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