Saturday, June 11, 2011

Delicious - enormous buffet breakfast with endless choices

Hmmmm.... let's start with dragon and star fruit, then muesli with dried fruit, couple pieces of bacon, smoked turkey breast, couple of olives, oranage juice and cranberry juice..... and coffee.

Look below as to what I had to choose from!

Apples, oranages, cold cut meats, cut veggies, cooked cereals and yogurt, white toast.

Fresh fruit, bins of dry cereal, fresh European cheeses, milk, cream.

Freshly baked pastries! 

Eggs.... any way you want them prepared.... just for you!

Cooked oatmeal, white rice and a variety of currys, Maldivian tuna with chapati, waffles, french toast, pancakes, stir fried vegetables made to order, potatoes, steamed tomatoes, lamb sausages, baked beans, bacon, scrambled eggs.

All types of breads, from rolls to long rye loaves, multi-grain, pumpkin bread, banana bread......

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