Sunday, April 26, 2009

A place of sorrow... the "Killing Fields"

While visiting Angkor Watt in Cambodia in 2006, I came across a couple of memorials to the Cambodian residents of Siem Reap who had been so brutally tortured and killed during the reign of the Khamer Rouge. A very deep sorrow hung in the air around each of the two memorials I visited. Haunting places .... that leaves one asking the question...."Why?"

Rows and rows of walls made up the "Killing Fields" Memorial Park .....

Each wall, made up of hundreds of individual plaques .... each plaque with a person's name who died under the Khamer rule.

A glassed monument in front of a Buddhist temple in Siam Reap, Cambodia .... holds the bones of some of the Cambodians who died under the Khamer rule.

Each one a life. Killed for what?

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